My Method for Signing Up Clients


I will be providing you links to my examples. You have my permission to copy the information if you would like.

Before the Interview:

    Before I started following these Pre-Interview Steps, I would get a lot of NO-Shows for Interviews.   

First Contact - Conversing by Phone, Facebook Group, Facebook Page, Messaging, Text, Email, Craigslist, etc...

1. Find out their needs here first: Days, Hours, Ages, Number of Children, etc....

2. Don't be afraid to let them know your fees at this time, you are worth it.  Also saves you time if they can't afford you.

3. Let them know what it will take to reserve a spot if they choose to make their decision at the interview.

4. Once you agree to a time for the Interview, get their Email (if that is not how you are conversing) NEVER do an Interview during your child care hours. It is too Dangerous and/or Chaotic.

Before the Interview

1. Send them a Confirmation Email.

2. My Questionnaire is on my website.  If you do not have a website, Type up your questionnaire and attach it to the email.

3. Once they submit the questionnaire back to you, send them a Thank You Email and include a Sample Contract, Enrollment Information, Parent Handbook and References.

The Interview:

Always remember that you are a professional offering a service and not a babysitter.  Present yourself as a professional and they will treat you like a professional.  Before the potential clients come through my door, I know their name, their child's name and age and their basic care needs. I also look them up on Facebook. They will be familiar with my services and facility because I have provided them a place to research us.  I have a website, a Facebook  page, photos and videos.  I am also on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. I am listed on Yelp too. 


I have experience many Parent Interview styles. I have had interviews where the parent comes in with a clipboard filled with questions, parents who like to tell me how it is going to be, parents who look to me as the one person who knows it all, etc. 

But no matter what their style, I have found that to find the right fit, you need to trust your instincts. You want families you can build lasting relationships with.  You need to feel you can trust them and they need to feel that they can trust you. 

They know you are the one that is going to be spending more time with their precious child than they are.